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Licensed Resources

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Below is a list of databases that are licensed by a lead consortium on behalf of Consortia Canada and the member institutions of Canadian consortia. Please input a search term or phrase to retrieve a resource licensed by Consortia Canada.

Please note: The table below is not a complete list of all the resources licensed by Consortia Canada. For the purposes of negotiating with vendors and renewing resources on an annual basis, a number of resources licensed by the same vendor are grouped together. For example, Oxford University Press (all products), though listed below as a single entry, is a grouped resource that includes approximately 30 dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.

To learn about how Consortia Canada licenses resources, visit Licensing Overview.

Name Description
ACLS Humanities eBook

This collection consists of over 5,000 fulltext titles in the humanities and related social sciences. [from vendor]

ACM Digital Library

The ACM Digital Library (ACM DL) is the most comprehensive collection of full-text articles and bibliographic records covering the fields of computing and information technology. [from vendor]

Annual Reviews

Annual Reviews is a nonprofit publisher dedicated to synthesizing and integrating knowledge for the progress of science and the benefit of society. [from vendor]


The leading web archiving service for collecting and accessing cultural heritage on the web. [from vendor]

ASME Complete Digital Collection and ASME Codes and Standards

This digital collection is ASME’s authoritative, online reference for the mechanical engineering and related research communities. [from vendor]


ASTM International is a globally recognized leader in the development and delivery of voluntary consensus standards. [from vendor]

Bibliography of Native North Americans

More than 300,000 citations for books, essays, journal articles and government documents of the United States and Canada pertaining to culture, history, and daily life of native North Americans. [from vendor]

Brepols Databases

The resources contain sources from Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Early Modern period in the disciplines of history and archaeology, language and literature, music, art and architectural history. [from vendor]

Canada Info Desk

The Canadian online source that provides access to tens of thousands of cultural and professional organizations, government offices, law firms, banks, health and education facilities, libraries, and the media ranging from magazines to broadcasters. [from vendor]

Canadian Almanac and Directory

In-depth and up-to-date facts and figures about Canada, including textual material, charts, colour photographs and directory listings. Cross-searchable with other Grey House Publishing Canada directories. [from vendor]

Chicago Manual of Style / Scientific Style and Format Online

The Chicago Manual of Style Online and Scientific Style and Format Online are fully-searchable online style manuals produced by the University of Chicago Press [from vendor].

Criterion on Demand (academic libraries)

This resource, an online digital delivery feature film platform, provides easy access to educationally relevant feature films. [from vendor]

Criterion on Demand (public libraries)

Criterion Pictures is the non-theatrical distributor of Feature Films for many of Hollywood’s Major Motion Picture Studios. [from vendor]

This resource provides streaming access to the best in educational video and audio from CBC and Radio-Canada. [from vendor]

DSM5 / Psychiatry Online Premium or Core

This database provides access to essential books and journals in the psychiatry and psychology disciplines. [from vendor]

Duke University Press

A not-for-profit scholarly publisher, Duke University Press is best known for publishing in the humanities and social sciences. [from vendor]

eHRAF Archaeology & eHRAF World Cultures

eHRAF databases are scholarly resources for research, teaching and learning, and supports original research on cross-cultural variation. [from vendor]

Encyclopaedia Britannica Online

Encyclopaedia Britannica products promote knowledge and learning and provide timely, relevant, and trustworthy information for homes, schools, universities, libraries, and workplaces around the world. [from vendor]

Encyclopaedia Universalis (for universities)

Universalis is the encyclopedic reference of the French-speaking world. [from vendor]

Encyclopédie UNIVERSALIS et UNIVERSALIS Junior for Public Libraries

Universalis is the encyclopedic reference of the French-speaking world. [from vendor]

Frontier Life

This resource consists of primary source documents from the frontiers of North America, Africa and Australasia. [from vendor]

Gold Rush Decision Support

Gold Rush Decision Support is a content comparison tool meant to be used by collections development and acquisitions librarians. Access is via username and password for all individuals who will use the resource at the library. There is no limit to the number of identified users or number of reports that can be produced.

Informit Indigenous Collection

This multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary resource covers both topical and historical issues within Indigenous studies. [from vendor]

Joanna Briggs Institute Databases

This resource is a unique combination from the Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) of evidence-rich content plus a set of eight online evidence-based practice (EBP) appraisal, implementation, and management tools. [from vendor]

Kluwer Law International

This resource provides legal practitioners, corporate counsel and business executives around the world with comprehensive international English-language legal information from renowned authors. [from vendor]

L'Année philologique

This resource is a reference bibliography for academic publications relating to Ancient Greek and Roman Civilization. [from vendor]

LexisNexis Academic and Quicklaw

This online academic research database contains authoritative news content, including current coverage and deep archives. It provides university and college faculty and students with critical news, and legal and business information. [from vendor]

Maclean's Magazine Archive

This leading Canadian news and general interest magazine provides a unique perspective on both national and international affairs. [from vendor]

Migration to New Worlds

This resource charts the emigration experience of millions across 200 years of turbulent history, from the century of immigration through to the modern era. [from vendor]

National Geographic

This resource provide access to the complete archive of the National Geographic magazine — every page of every issue — along with a cross-searchable collection of books, maps, images, and videos. [from vendor]

NFB/ONF Education

As Canada’s public producer and distributor, NFB produces and distributes distinctive, relevant and innovative documentaries, animated films, and interactive works. [from vendor]

Oxford University Press (all products)

Oxford University Press' publishing program spans the entire academic and higher education spectrum, including a wide array of scholarly and general interest books, journals, and online products. [from vendor]

Project MUSE

Comprehensive selection of prestigious humanities, arts, and social sciences journals to support a core liberal arts curriculum at any academic institution. [from vendor]

Project Muse ebooks

This resource provides access to thousands of books from more than 100 distinguished scholarly publishers in a wide range of subjects within the humanities and social sciences. [from vendor]

ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The Globe & Mail (1844-2014)

This historic newspaper archive contains over 150 years of history with Canada's Heritage from 1844—the online digitized full-image version of the complete works of The Globe and Mail newspaper since its inception as The Globe in 1844. [from vendor]


This resource provides business clients and academics with statistics, reports, forecasts, and studies in the fields of marketing and consummerism. [from vendor]

The Atlantic Magazine Archive

This resource, consisting of 1,800 issues, covers events and political issues through literary and cultural commentary from 1857 to 2014. [from vendor]

University of Chicago Press Complete Journals Package

The University of Chicago Press publishes more than 80 scholarly journals that cover a wide range of disciplines, from the humanities and the social sciences to the life and physical sciences. [from vendor]