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ConsortiaManager is a cloud-based software, focused on streamlining the acquisition cycle for library consortia, including its members and vendors. It does so in an intuitive way that follows the chronology of the consortia licensing process. Basically, ConsortiaManager manages the entire annual cycle related to acquisition and renewal of licenses.
The product consists of three different interfaces:

  • Consortium interface: The consortium interface stores all information about member libraries, vendors, products, prices and related data points. The consortium workflow is managed through tasks that take care of everything from forecasts, price requests, member offers, order placement, invoicing and more.
  • Member interface: The member interface ensures that libraries have an overview of all available offers from the consortium and the renewals waiting to be processed. Member libraries use the interface to place their orders and to get an overview license information, title lists, as well as historical subscription information.
  • Publisher interface: The soon to be released publisher interface, allow vendors to make their offers through an interface, where offer approvals are handled at the click of a button. Offers include prices, title lists, license and product descriptions, which can be imported easily into ConsortiaManager.

 ConsortiaManager is currently used by 47 consortia and more than 6000 member libraries on five continents.

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