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SAGE Health and Social Wellness Collections

There are two groups of content in this collection of products. The products are all offered separately.

SAGE Videos

The following five video subject collections, each offered separately.  The SAGE Videos offer cutting-edge teaching and research-oriented video material within the social sciences, curated to support students of all levels

  • Counseling & Psychotherapy
  • Nursing
  • Psychology
  • Social Work
  • Sociology


The SAGE Research Methods: Medicine & Health collections are grouped into two products:

  • SAGE Research Methods Video: Medicine & Health
  • SAGE Research Methods: Medicine & Health Cases

These products cover primary clinical and epidemiological research, both interventional and observational, as well as systematic review and meta-analysis. Examples of studies are drawn from across all major medical specialties, as well as public health, nursing, dentistry, health policy, and services research.

The case studies, written by researchers in the field, focus on research design, methods selection, and methods application. With an emphasis on the researcher’s experiences and decision-making in designing and conducting a specific study, they provide users with generalizable lessons from the use of chosen methods and a more realistic picture of research than what is often found in textbooks. Each case includes learning objectives, multiple-choice questions, and discussion questions, making them perfect for coursework.

Bringing medical and health research to life, this video collection will cover research methods used across medical specialties. These include clinical study design, conduct and analysis, biostatistics, systematic review, and meta-analysis. The 60-hour video collection includes tutorials, case studies, in-practice films, and expert interviews.

Epidemiological and infectious disease research methods, directly relating to the current COVID-19 pandemic, will be covered, making this a timely collection for medical and health students. Video player tools such as the ability to create custom clips and embed video in learning management systems are ideal for online coursework.