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Duke University Press

Duke eJournals

e-Duke Journals provide online access to journals in the humanities and social sciences. The collection includes flagship publications, such as Hispanic American Historical Review and GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies. It also includes important new scholarship in cutting-edge fields, such as TSQ: Transgender Studies QuarterlyPublic Culture, and the Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies.

Duke eBooks

e-Duke Books provides access to over 2,900 e-books in humanities and social sciences. The collection includes term access to all available backlist titles as well as perpetual access to at least 140 new e-books published by Duke University Press throughout the year.

Duke Euclid Prime

Euclid Prime is a collection of high-impact, peer-reviewed journals in theoretical and applied mathematics and statistics. It is hosted by Project Euclid, an online platform designed specifically for mathematicians.

MSP on Euclid

MSP (Mathematical Sciences Publishers), Project Euclid, and Duke University Press have partnered to offer MSP on Euclid, a collection of the same journals published and sold as a bundle by MSP but now enhanced by the functionality of the Project Euclid platform. MSP on Euclid is an alternative way of purchasing and accessing this electronic collection of MSP titles.


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Last updated: November 15, 2021