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Royal Society Journals

The Royal Society is the United Kingdom’s academy of sciences and has been publishing journals dating back to 1665. 

There are 3 packages in the subscription offer:

Package S: all journals

Package A: journals in the physical sciences

Package B: journals in the biological sciences

In addition, there is also a Read and Publish (R&P) offer which includes a subscription (Read) fee and a publish fee based on the average of the last two years of APCs.  The Royal Society launched transformative agreements in January 2021. These agreements allow researchers to publish with no APC fee at the point of use. R&P agreements enable corresponding authors to publish papers as open access without paying an article processing charge as the charges are covered by their library.  Royal Society has a goal to flip 75% of its research output to OA within the next five years. OA75 commitment*  : Biology Letters, Interface, Proceedings A, and Proceedings B to a fully open access model when 75% of articles are being published open access.

An Open Access Membership is available to schools directly.