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NFB/ONF Education

Subscription Term


January 1, 2022


December 31, 2022
Licence Notes: 


Participating consortia should fill out the licence agreement template with their unique details (e.g. consortium name, list of participating members; see all yellow-highlighted text).

For late subscriptions (mid-term joins), participating consortia should fill out the amendment template.

History Notes

  • 2019: Clause 8.11 (about confidentiality of the agreement) omitted
  • 2020: No changes
  • 2021: Changes: (1) language about remote access in clause 2.1 and Schedule 1 modified for clarity (previously, it suggested that remote access is available to public libraries at an additional fee, which is incorrect); (2) NFB's address updated; (3) FTE now required alongside list of participating members; (4) licence amendments template added for late subscriptions (mid-term joins).
  • 2022: FTE and price now required alongside list of participating members

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