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Benefits to Consortial Approach

Benefits for Consortial Members

Benefits for Consortia Canada members include:

  • An opportunity to develop new national partnerships
  • An opportunity to explore consortial best practices
  • Better discounts through participation in larger offers
  • The ability to participate in specialized databases that a local consortium would not have sufficient participants to pursue.

Advantages for Content Providers

  • Consolidated negotiations:  A lead consortium negotiates pricing, terms, and license agreements on behalf of all consortium in the country, thus eliminating the need to negotiate with many different people and groups and creating an efficient process.
  • Broad product awareness: The product information is posted on the Consortia Canada website for participating consortia to share with their member libraries, otherwise representatives would have to approach libraries individually.
  • Efficient renewal and invoicing process:  The lead consortium works with the content provider on renewal pricing and information; all orders are accepted through the lead consortium to the content provider.  One invoice from the content provider per participating consortia is the norm where possible.