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MLA Handbook Plus

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January 1, 2022


December 31, 2022

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Member Institutions and Authorized Users who wish to incorporate parts of the Licensed Material in course packs, study packs, resource lists and in any other material (including but not limited to multi-media works) to be used in the course of instruction and/or in virtual and managed environments (including but not limited to virtual learning environments, managed learning environments, virtual research environments and library environments) hosted on a Secure Network (only accessible to Authorized Users by secure authentication) should request permissions through the MLA at If the total portion used by Member Institutions and Authorized Users exceeds 10% (ten percent) in a given subscription year, a separate licensing agreement with the MLA may be required. Each item shall carry appropriate acknowledgement of the source, listing the title and copyright owner.  Course packs in non-electronic non-print perceptible form developed in order to assist Authorized Users with accessibility needs, such as Braille, may also be offered to Authorized Users.

Members can CREATE PERSISTENT LINKS to individual articles, if applicable, for access by Authorized Users for Permitted Uses under this Agreement, from within secure authentication environments.

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About the eResource

MLA Handbook Plus is a subscription-based digital product providing online access to the ninth edition of the MLA Handbook.