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Frontier Life

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January 1, 2017

Interlibrary Loan

ILL Permissions Summary: 

CRKN license: 4: may supply to a library of a non Member for the purposes of research or private study and not for Commercial Use, a single paper copy or an electronic original of an individual document being part of the Licensed Materials. 

Standard License - not specified but Video content is excluded for the purposes of downloading, storing, printing and transmitting



Ereserves Permissions Summary: 

CRKN license: 5.1 may incorporate parts of the Licensed Materials in course packs and Electronic reserve collections for the use of Authorized Users in the course of instruction at a Member,

Standard license for all other library sectors: 2.3.2 store in electronic format in secure electronic data files or print a reasonable portion of the Licensed Materials for use only in connection with specific courses of instruction offered by the Licensee.  Video content is excluded for the purposes of downloading, storing, printing and transmitting

Archival Access

Archival Access: 
Archival Access Permissions Summary: 

The perpetual access across Canada was granted as part of the agreement for 18 universities purchasing the content. 

See CRKN addendum: Permanent archival access to the Licensed Materials will only be activated automatically by Portico within a  reasonable time of any of the following trigger events occurring: 

This Agreement shall automatically renew at the end of the Initial term of one year for a successive term of one year, and thereafter for successive terms of one year each, unless in either case either party gives written notice of its intention not to renew at least 60 days before expiry after the relevant current term . 

About the eResource

This resource consists of primary source documents from the frontiers of North America, Africa and Australasia. [from vendor]