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September 1, 2018


August 31, 2019
Licence Notes: 

The entire is sent to each individual consortium for signing at renewal time or as new members are added and is made up of two parts, as follows:

Part 1 - Specific Conditions

This section includes the overall pricing for the consortium, the signature page and the breakdown of products by subscribing library. It must be signed and returned to the CBC in order for the invoice to be issued.

Part 2 - General Terms and Conditions (amended)

These are the terms and conditions of use that were negotiated on behalf of Consortia Canada in 2018. 

Note that the CBC has a habit of including its generic Part 2 when new members are added midstream instead of the Part 2 negotiated on behalf of ConCan. Should this happen, simply sign and return only Part 1.


The copies of the fully executed licences for each consortium that participates in the academic agreement and signed in August 2018 have been loaded for reference. If additional members were added to the agreement aftwerwards, they do not appear in these copies. These copies are intended to show the Part 2 as these terms should not change.

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