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Canadian Book Review Annual Online - CBRA Online

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As the publishing industry gets set to usher in its fall season, unveiling a host of new books that may dominate bestseller lists, or advance thought-provoking views that illuminate our lives, it's a good time to be in touch with a reminder that the Canadian Book Review Annual, now fully digitized and available online, is one of the best starting points for examining all that Canadian authors have to offer., an essential resource for library patrons and librarians, presently offers over 30,000 reviews with more than 50 new titles added every month. Moreover, its online search capability lets users find titles easily, facilitating research and providing a depth of coverage.
The reviewers, primarily academics and librarians, provide thorough and knowledgeable evaluations ─ a crucial service for time-constrained researchers and students who have to necessarily wade through a sea of information.
A wholly Canadian database, is valuable for anyone interested in Canadian books and the Canadian point of view. As part of our commitment to fostering affordable access to digital archives, Consortia Canada members receive a 15% discount on the annual subscription.
Please visit our website for a free trial ( Alternatively, call or e-mail us for further information.


The Canadian Book Review Annual (CBRA) founded in 1975 provides the most comprehensive collection of authoritative reviews of English-language, Canadian-authored scholarly, reference, trade, and books for youths published in Canada.

Each original 350 word review by one of CBRA's more than 500 contributors (primarily academics and librarians) includes full bibliographic data, a description of the book's contents, and critical commentary. CBRAonline reviews are a reliable resource librarians and educators can use in collection development. But equally important, CBRAonline's easy search capabilities will save users time with quick and efficient searches. This comprehensive database will serve a broad group of users, from professors and scholars to high-school students.

CBRAonline offers a range of search options including by title, year, publisher and reviewer.

A key feature of CBRAonline is the ongoing editorial and review program. The site will grow with new and updated reviews of Canadian-authored books added on a monthly basis.

With access to CBRA online you get:



  • Reviews of Canadian authored fiction, non-fiction and children's books from 1975 to the present.


  • The ability to search by author, reviewer, year and publisher.