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Licence Terms and Conditions

Consortia Canada negotiates the best terms of use for the products licensed on behalf of member consortia.

Negotiated license agreements, as well as summaries of key permitted uses, are provided below.

Licence Summarysort descending Licence Document
ACF License 2022 Microsoft Office document icon 2ConCan ACF License Revised 2022 blank.doc
ACLS Humanities eBook PDF icon ACLS Consortia Canada License 2020
ACM Digital Library PDF icon ACM Licence 2021-2022, PDF icon ACM Licence 2018-2021, PDF icon Post-Cancellation Agreement (PCA), PDF icon ACM Licence 2022-2023
Annual Reviews PDF icon 2022_AnnualReviews_ConCan_License Agreement_Final_03-25-2022_FULLY-EXECUTED2_Redacted.pdf
Archive-It PDF icon Internet_Archive_ConCan_LA.pdf, PDF icon Archive-It_agreement_COPPUL_OCUL_BCI_CAUL_Exhibit A updated July 1 2020.pdf, PDF icon 2017 ConCan Archive-It Agreement_COPPUL_OCUL_BCI_CAUL_Exhibit A updated 6.23.21.pdf, PDF icon 2017 ConCan Archive-It_agreement_COPPUL_OCUL_BCI_CAUL_Exhibit A 6.29.2022.pdf
ASME Complete Digital Collection and ASME Codes and Standards 2017-2019 PDF icon ASME_ConCan_LA.pdf
ASME Complete Digital Collection and ASME Codes and Standards 2020-2022 PDF icon ASME Licence 2020-2022
ASTM PDF icon ASTM_ConCan_LA.pdf, PDF icon ASTM_ConCan_Addendum1.pdf, PDF icon ASTM_ConCan_Addendum2.pdf, PDF icon ASTM_ConCan_Addendum3.pdf
Bibliography of Native North Americans PDF icon EBSCO_ConCan_LA.pdf
Brepols Databases PDF icon 2017-xxxx ConCan Brepols License no signatures or financials.pdf
Canada Info Desk Microsoft Office document icon Old version - 2020, PDF icon Updated with 2023 dates and subscribers added to Schedule
Canadian Almanac and Directory
Chicago Manual of Style / Scientific Style and Format Online PDF icon 2021 ConCan_Chicago_Manual_of_Style_FE Nov8.pdf
Criterion on Demand (academic libraries) File CriterionOnDemandLicense2021-22.docx
Criterion on Demand (academic) license PDF icon Main CoD academic license, File PPR license (only applies to those who have opted in to the separate PPR license)
Criterion on Demand (public libraries)
CSA OnDemand™ PDF icon CSA Licence 2021-2022, PDF icon CSA Licence 2020-2021, PDF icon CSA Licence 2022-2023
DSM5 / Psychiatry Online Premium or Core PDF icon APA_ConCan_LA.pdf
Duke University Press
eHRAF Archaeology & eHRAF World Cultures PDF icon 2016-xxxx ConCan eHRAF License no signatures.pdf
Encyclopaedia Britannica Online PDF icon EDU_Reference_ConCan_LA.pdf
Encyclopaedia Universalis (for universities) PDF icon Universalis Academic - Fully signed licence 2019-11-05, PDF icon Universalis Academic - Fully signed licence 2020-10-28
Encyclopédie UNIVERSALIS et UNIVERSALIS Junior for Public Libraries File LICENCE Bibliopresto-2020-2022 signé HR.docx
Frontier Life PDF icon AMD_ConCan_All_Sectors_LA.pdf, PDF icon AMD_ConCan_CRKN_LA.pdf, PDF icon AMD_ConCan_CRKN_Addendum.pdf
Gold Rush Decision Support PDF icon Gold Rush Licence - fully executed
Informit Indigenous Collection PDF icon Gibson_ConCan_LA.pdf
Joanna Briggs Institute Databases File OVID ConCan JBI License Agreement April 2020.docx
Kluwer Law International
LexisNexis Academic and Quicklaw PDF icon 20220330 LN license.pdf
Maclean's Magazine Archive PDF icon ConCan Medici License 2020 without signatures.pdf, PDF icon ConCan Medici License 2020 Schedule 1 2021.pdf, PDF icon 2019 ConCan Medici License Schedule 1 2022 no signatures.pdf
Migration to New Worlds
MLA Handbook Plus PDF icon 2022_ConCAN_MLAHandbookPlus_License_FULLY-EXECUTED.pdf
National Geographic PDF icon Gale_ConCan_LA.pdf
NFB/ONF Education File 2023 Licence Agreement Template, File 2023 template for late joiners (licence amendment template), File 2022 Licence Agreement Template, File 2022 template for late joiners (licence amendment), File 2021 Licence Agreement Template, File 2021 template for late joiners (licence amendment template), File 2020 Licence Agreement Template, File 2019 Licence Agreement Template, Microsoft Office document icon 2018 Licence Agreement Template
Oxford University Press (all products) PDF icon OUP_ConCan_LA.pdf
Project MUSE PDF icon JHUP_ConCan_LA.pdf
Project Muse ebooks PDF icon JHUP_ConCan_LA.pdf
ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The Globe & Mail (1844-2014) PDF icon ProQuest_ConCan_LA.pdf
RDA Toolkit - 2021-2022 Agreement PDF icon RDA Toolkit - ConCan License 2021-2022 (Redacted)
Statista PDF icon ConCan_License_Statista_2020_clean_final.pdf, File ConCan_License_Statista_2020_clean_final.docx, File 2020 Alumni Agreement .docx
The Charleston Advisor PDF icon 2022_AnnualReviews_ConCan_License Agreement_Final_03-25-2022_FULLY-EXECUTED2_Redacted.pdf
University of Chicago Press Complete Journals Package PDF icon 2022-2024 Consortia Canada University of Chicago Press Journals License no signatures or financials.pdf