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September 1, 2021


August 31, 2022
Licence Notes: 

Each consortium is to update a license for their own consortium, sign and send to Jean-Francois (J.F.) Cormier,  ACF will countersign.

On page one, add consortium name and address, on page 7, add provincial jurisdiction for your consortium in clause 8.11, sign on page 8, add participating members on page 9 in the business terms, and sign page 11.  Then send to Jean-Francois (J.F.) Cormier,

Public Performance Rights - Subscription to Licensed Materials includes Public Performance Rights for private, educational and research purposes on the premise and indoors of the participating Member Institution.

All films are to be shown indoors, on the premises.

The ConCan model license at the time was used.  

Archival Access

Archival Access: 

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Film Studios included:

Universal Studios

Walt Disney Studios

MGM Studios

Sony Pictures

VVS Films

Lionsgate Film